Behind a smile is a tear
But not falling

Hating the ways of hope,
Always changing the finish line
In the game of time,

Stacks of grain stand,
A harvest,
so poor

Why do the skies not answer,
To the woes of an honest man,
Clenching his hand hoe

Wrinkled, and skinny,
Fears no shame,
Taking upon all tasks

In his rugged clothes,
A withering spirit,
And a decaying body

Chasing his fading dreams
In the dawn of a sunset
Before an imminent twilight

Oh yes!

This world,
Just pity

With the whispers from her lips
Another tale
Drowning in sadness

A broken soul,
Wounded heart,
Clenching her skirts,

At the bottom of the stairs
Laying in its blood,
Her own embryo

A mother’s cry,
Louder than thunder,

Within a hell’s den,
The open skies,
And the world’s end

As silence sweeps in,
The answer from the heavens
To inhale a grim present

And choose to live,
walk again, head high,
With a smile



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