Get well, my darling

I know that death would call unto each one of us at sometime
But I want that time to not be this time

Seeing you lay on that bed,
I realise how much I wanted to do

To say, and not argue
Cuddle, and not push

Caress, and not fight
Though I enjoyed that kinda,

Because we cared so much to fight for each other
And last night I thought,

That we were done for sure,
But seeing you talk to me in your silence,

Bruised, body and soul,

Wounded, heart and spirit,

Tears my heart,
Listening to your whispers

Of how lone it is,
Out of this world

Beyond the sun and the moon,
In that fated eternal slumber

That the present treasures more,
And happiness too precious

That we, together,
Should enjoy more

So I sit in this chair,
By your bed,

Choosing to live an eternity,
Until you come back to me

Get well, my darling!



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