The old shatter hand
That smashed our hearts,
Crushed our bones,
And tore our tendons

It’s mighty blows of death,
Casting our sorry souls,
In the land of despair
Sleeping on our howls

Sunken eyes, falling hair,
Peeling flesh, black teeth,
Decaying nails,
And a growling belly

The cover of the night,
Hiding from the shame of the sun,
And cheerful faces of the malicious
Whose hearts you blessed
With our woes of desperation

Why so wild?
Shutting your ears to our requests
But not our cries,
What pleasure do you find in our misery?

For no good or bad would sway your will,
And not our past or future,
Weighs the blessing of the present
So, why hide your face from us?


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