Just a game

The slates of this mind,
Where fantasies streamed,
For you,
After the first time

Your gracious gaze
A charming smile,
A lazy walk,
But an elegant body

A woman within,
With a thrilling voice,
That tethered my heart,
In your chamber of lovers

How could I not have seen?
That, it was just a game,
A long list you kept
Within the pages of a red dairy

Where horrors howled from a past,
And anxiety transformed into hate,
To wield the sceptre of power,
As you drag souls into a hysteria

Gutting their souls,
Draining their hearts,
And washing your feet,
With a cloth soaked in their blood

To be, gratified,
Chatting with your demons
As they crown you queen
And later,

Drown you,
In a pool of nightmares
To mark you one of them,
In the hell you partially designed

am not one of you
Immune to your spells
After seeing how empty your heart is,
And in search for an understanding

Of why, the world so cruel?
Seeking the house of empathy
To find one of a kind
To ease your pains

And sorry, it ain’t I
For me too, 
Chat with my demons,
And send them,

To seek sorry souls,
Like yours,
And devour their essence
As I watch with a smile,
Their spirits, wither

And finally,
erasing my slates
For the rules were the same,
It was, just a game



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