Give a man a pencil,
And he will draw from his mind,
Give a woman a pen,
And she will write from her heart

For the essence of a manhood lies within,
The height of the roof above his head
As the delight of his other rib,
From the warmth of the sun in a  snowfall

A balance of life
Once left and right,
Now right and left
Or simply, enjoying the centre

Who says he can’t love the world?
And who dictates she can’t rule the universe?
For a father grooms his little princess
And a mother sits on a King’s counsel

How did this happen?
Defying the judgement of the old
A foundation of social rationality,
But now a house of idealism

Yes, the pursuit of something,
Something that is perfect,
To being complete of a kind,
To feel whole in a life lived

And that,
a freedom in happiness
To know the past,
And shine it’s edges,
So as to glow, in the future


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