It was easy to breath,
But hard to live

Watching the world through hell’s gate
Wrestling my demons by the day,
And chocking on my screams in the dark

An illusion it seemed,
Vivid, a smudged line between,
The realm of reality,
And edges of a nightmare

The heart grew cold,
To fear and hope,
But hate and misery,
The cloaks it wore,
On the path of vengeance

To the heavens,
In their silence,
Hiding above the clouds
Shielding the sun from my soul
An empty shell,
And a withered spirit

May be,
We don’t know the light,
Until we’ve been in the dark,
We don’t see why we live,
Until we’ve found,
That to die for
To lose our souls

And so I awoke,
Into a dawn,
That life could be beautiful again,
With a new reason,
To live, die,
A legacy,
In a hall of fame,
Where my name rests

I changed

The fact that you left,
On that same day,
Did I change

A heart shuttered,
Bruising my soul,
And these scars to bear

Did I find love again?
Falling from a cliff,
Where you left me crying,

Did I wish me dead?
When this heart ached endlessly,
Through the many winter nights

Oh! yes I did!
Cuddled edges of my pillow,
And sobbed to never let go

Before the sun came,
And dried my tears,
With rays of golden light

Along with melodic harmonies,
Of weavers and sparrows,
That it was just a past,

And that the future,
Stood, not far away,
With his arms, wide open,
To heal my wounds

The intelligent fool

The secrets of his soul
Hidden within the fabrics of the night
Away from the shame of the sun

He takes subtle steps,
Searching chambers of a wench,
From rays of a hollow moon

A wise man he imagines
Feeding his Frankenstein,
To quench his boiling lust

Oh! An Intelligent fool,
A beautiful noose he winds
Around his frail neck

Tethering his reputation,
On a decaying post,
To become but a slave,
When his past comes to light

Banner of love

The bruises of yesterday,
Still bleeding on this morning,
How we got here?
I don’t know.

May be silence is love,
Between to two souls
Heavy with care,
And afraid to ruin the sand castle,
On a beach, that our hands molded

May be the heavens know,
Of legends and their tales
Their peaks and falls
Before painting history
Within the banners of their names

May be we are just one of those tales
Our stars matching from a distant past
Within this present of a milky way
Heavy with clouds of tears,
But smile at the sunrise
And hope we remain, together,
Our souls as one
On this banner of love