Us against them (rains of love)

The rains of love,
Fall down on dry skin,
Washing away,  the dust of loneliness

The heart smiles at the warm sunrise
Beating to a dove’s tune,
Dancing above the clouds

Buds of roses spring,
Crimson and snow white petals,
Drifting gently, with winds of affection

Carrying, blankets of care
For the long time after twilight,
When all is,  but a black sky,

And scary howls of malicious wishers
Grinding their pointed teeth,
Lurking, patiently, to tear apart

But because I hold you close to my heart,
The moist of your skin warmer than the night’s cold breeze,
My arms shall never weaken

Not a single nerve shall loosen our strong embrace
Be it the many earthquakes of vicious rumors,
Whispers through walls of our bedroom

I promise, on this day, man and wife, 
Declaring my love and loyalty,
Body and spirit, our souls as one,

That you,  my darling, I shall be,
Like a shadow, always besides you
And like the light, casting that shadow always, under your strong feet


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