The forgotten soul

The night so vicious,
Not even sleep shall come to save you from your torment

Between hell and heaven
To feel and not feel

Pain or joy
Love or hate

Alive or dead
Angels or demons

Blurry lines of swirling confusion
Spinning endlessly in a turmoil of flooding thoughts

No escape from the solitary cell of your mind
Wicked laughter stereo playing round and round

Devoured by loneliness,
But not oblivion, which would be way better

To fade slowly, away,
Vanishing like white smoke in a dark space

Your screams buried below the earth,
Dying slowly to a piercing silence

But between gates of heaven and hell,
Moans of the dead or praises of the living

To know the good and the bad
And yet, words hold no meaning

Except torment, 
The world of the damned

Unacclaimed by God or the devil,
The forgotten soul


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