Lyrical beats and a magical voice

Smooth words of a magical voice
Sway a caged heart of a humble soul,
Falling innocently for the tender sounds of the alphabet

The saxophones of love,
With the drumbeats of the heart
Echo trumpets of bliss

Trapped within rhythms of a hymn
The red rose in the beak of a white dove,
Flying above a beautiful sunrise

Lyrical, pure, and divine,
An upsurge of burning flames,
In the hells of strong affections

Where lovers ache of heartbreaks,
Zoned in the high walls of friendship
A no man’s land between kisses and hugs

And far north of the blade of hate,
But close enough to feel,
The cold slices of its sharp edges in the air

So why do we love?
Again and again,
That we can only see through a glass wall, why?


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