The knights of darkness

Sleep stands a few steps away from me
Watching my pathetic body cycle in weary
My mind aching in ceaseless frenzy

After long hours of a short day,
Counted two at most,
That slowly passed like two long dull centuries

I was reading, vampire chronicles,
Buried between the black ink and papers,
In the great imagery of fine wording

The beautiful scenery of dim evenings,
Masked by moonlights and lanterns
Along streets of the late eighteenth century

An artistic painting it seemed,
Old fashioned, tailored coats and hats,
Queued in long lines awaiting the curtains of the Opera

When theatre truly boiled blood in human veins,
The excitement, delight, clever poetry
Written softly on tender walls of their hearts

Listening carefully at the sounds,
Wagon wheels on tiny rocks of the dark streets,
Through alleys where stray cats made their little roars

There were gasps of terror,
swift advances like a wind,
Cold, that death smelt in the dump air

Then, screams of the fading,
Echoing on walls of moonless nights,
As their skins turned white within the reaper’s grip

Inescapable, truly before the face of death
Creatures of the night, lone predators
The knights of darkness

Beautiful, ain’t it?
Fascinating, the metallic smell of fresh blood,
Dripping from sharp canines, a fresh kill!

Ah, I felt the hunger, and truly did,
But was lost to this world,
Oblivious to my own problems, “food”

That now, dark, you understand,
Why I can’t leave this house to find “food”
And can’t drift smoothly into that pool of sleep “nightmares.”

Ah, nightmares! Hunger!

~sad ~


Nights of regret

The warm covers that wrap my frozen heart,
A dark night searching the frail bones of my soul,
As my eyes peer into its blinding folds,
Ushering my fears on trays of delicacies
My nightmares lying next to my unmoving body

I feel the cold touch of their skin,
Like scales of fresh fish,
Out a frozen lake of winter tears,
The moaning voices of savaged souls,
And screaming poignantly, their lonely mothers on coastal shores

So, I grip tightly,
My sweaty palms bleeding on white sheets,
The wrinkles of a tie and dye,
Painting my lonely and endless battles,
With these nights of regret

Pebbles on lonely shores

Words of love drift a thousand miles,
The sound of each letter fading with a wave
Silently on coastal sands,
Sweeping pebbles of our marriage

Once a solid rock,
Raised high and strong,
Holding out against all heights of tides,
As they smashed its thick and sharp edges,

Always cutting through all curtains of fabrications
Laid cunningly by serpentine souls
And the warm heat of the sun,
That burnt us through summer

But the earthquakes of betrayal,
Ships wrecked on massive rocks,
The tiny fragments at the sea bottom
And the beautiful pebbles on lonely shores

Us against them (rains of love)

The rains of love,
Fall down on dry skin,
Washing away,  the dust of loneliness

The heart smiles at the warm sunrise
Beating to a dove’s tune,
Dancing above the clouds

Buds of roses spring,
Crimson and snow white petals,
Drifting gently, with winds of affection

Carrying, blankets of care
For the long time after twilight,
When all is,  but a black sky,

And scary howls of malicious wishers
Grinding their pointed teeth,
Lurking, patiently, to tear apart

But because I hold you close to my heart,
The moist of your skin warmer than the night’s cold breeze,
My arms shall never weaken

Not a single nerve shall loosen our strong embrace
Be it the many earthquakes of vicious rumors,
Whispers through walls of our bedroom

I promise, on this day, man and wife, 
Declaring my love and loyalty,
Body and spirit, our souls as one,

That you,  my darling, I shall be,
Like a shadow, always besides you
And like the light, casting that shadow always, under your strong feet

Broken island

Cold and lone,
In company of squawking trees,
And resonating echoes of blood shed

Spilled on dark soils
And run to earth’s depth,
By the falling rains of desolation

Wiping, gently, my tearless eyes,
The fountains of sorrow
But now dry deserts of depression

Hanging onto the red moon,
Like it was then on the first night of this dreadfulness

It was the battle of the lords,
The war of angels and demons,

Pitched screams,
Reached beyond where eyes could reach

Sounds of clashing steel,
A million horseshoes rumbling below

Shiny armours of iron vests
Reflecting the flames of burning hats

And silhouettes of slain brothers,
Scythed to rise with the dark smoke

My fingers shivered,
Still holding the hilt of my blooded sword,

As I watched endlessly,
At the sestructive power of fury

For glory and honor,
Gold and power,

In the name of history,
Tearing apart walls of a long known generation

That above their soulless skulls
An iron throne shall sit

And names of fallen knights,
Engraved in the floor, in the hall of justice

So I ask now,  like I did then,
Where is justice in shedding of innocent blood?

Which way?

Cut out of black skin,
The loincloths of our mothers
To walk on empty streets of righteousness
When the rest travel in trains of egotism

Their presents fast fall behind into dark pasts
Quickly getting to unknown destinations they try
Just before their skins wither under the scorching sun
And their faces boney, with lines of misery

I dread that I might take those trains someday
My feet feel sore from long travels,
My vision blurred by heavy eyelids
And lips dry like crust in a desert

The weight of truth feels heavy on my shoulders,
To walk each day with integrity,
And yet, my fellows,
Whisk about with bags of lies

So happy they seem,
And so easy they say,
Inviting me forth to join the merriment
After all, we truly live only once

But, my heart skips cowardly,
Or rather guided by wisdom,
I don’t know which anyway,
Because happiness is but a blurry line too

Banquets of poisoned foods,
And infinite barrels of old wine
Or plates of herbs and fruits
And combs of honey dept in warm milk

Quick and plenty
Or slow and just enough
The hidden desires of our fading bodies
Colluding our judgment to true felicity 

The forgotten soul

The night so vicious,
Not even sleep shall come to save you from your torment

Between hell and heaven
To feel and not feel

Pain or joy
Love or hate

Alive or dead
Angels or demons

Blurry lines of swirling confusion
Spinning endlessly in a turmoil of flooding thoughts

No escape from the solitary cell of your mind
Wicked laughter stereo playing round and round

Devoured by loneliness,
But not oblivion, which would be way better

To fade slowly, away,
Vanishing like white smoke in a dark space

Your screams buried below the earth,
Dying slowly to a piercing silence

But between gates of heaven and hell,
Moans of the dead or praises of the living

To know the good and the bad
And yet, words hold no meaning

Except torment, 
The world of the damned

Unacclaimed by God or the devil,
The forgotten soul

Why foolish heart? (Your shadow I remember)

Am not angry that you didn’t show up,
But at my heart for hoping, even when it was clear,
That it was your shadow I saw,
When you turned to walk away from me

A blackish figure moving far away with each step
Head low,
Hands loosely swinging on your shoulders
Striding through piles of snow

Never looked back, not even once
Why, did I leave the door open?
In the freezing nights of the winter
As I lay in my bed, cold, never warm

I was scared of the dark,
Afraid to fall asleep in a lone bed,
Forsaken by night’s dreams of paradise
But vivid nightmares that you hated me

Burnt all my oil in the lantern,
Never had enough you know,
So I always borrowed some cents to cover the next nights
And yet those too hardly helped

But thanks to the moon,
On some nights, I sat by the door,
Looked at her, swim in the vast dark greyish sky
Despite being alone, she always made her way

And so, I hoped foolishly,
Believing you were my moon,
That you would always find your way
And I see you did,

But not to the doorstep of my heart,
But another, and so it aches,
From the long cracks running,
From the roof to its foundation

Why foolish heart?
The naivety of a young mind,
Now wrinkles of an old soul we nurse
Like grief, why this much pain?

Why do I still hope?
Even now, that my eyes water,
As my heart bleeds from these deep painful cuts
Why foolish heart? WHY?!

Lyrical beats and a magical voice

Smooth words of a magical voice
Sway a caged heart of a humble soul,
Falling innocently for the tender sounds of the alphabet

The saxophones of love,
With the drumbeats of the heart
Echo trumpets of bliss

Trapped within rhythms of a hymn
The red rose in the beak of a white dove,
Flying above a beautiful sunrise

Lyrical, pure, and divine,
An upsurge of burning flames,
In the hells of strong affections

Where lovers ache of heartbreaks,
Zoned in the high walls of friendship
A no man’s land between kisses and hugs

And far north of the blade of hate,
But close enough to feel,
The cold slices of its sharp edges in the air

So why do we love?
Again and again,
That we can only see through a glass wall, why?

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