Love, and loyalty

If asked, what is love?
I would say,
“Once found,
Its that you dread to lose.”

To care so much,
Until your heart aches
That you feel, and know,
She holds it in her hands

Beating steadily,
Her fingers wrapping around it
Slowly, and tightly,
That she wields the power,
To control your soul

Like a marionette,
You dance on strings,
Like a knight,
You fight on a front line

Serving without question,
Living as a caged soul,
Like a parrot,
Mimicking words of his mistress

And yet, beyond that dark cloud,
Beauty shines like a sun,
Because in your hands,
Rests another beating heart

Fragile, and warm
Yours to use, as you please,
Kingship, and loyalty,
A Queen, reigning against the world

And that,
I dread to lose,
Because, our hearts beat as one
In each other’s hands



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