To the man on the hill

A scribble to the last letter
For the man on the hill,
Touching the heavens and the earth
Crowned by the morning sun

I moan, oh! old one!
For my acquaintances with folly,
That now am tatters of shame
Blown at by the winds of laughter

Oh! these streets of many faces!
In this big court room am bound,
On a stand, by mockery
In the jaws of human cruelty

One side step many times
Off the rails of discreetness
A youthful adventure I thought,
Swayed by the inborn naivety

And so, I write,
My weary too heavy
That I seek the counsel of stars
To guide me out of my piteousness

To the man on the hill


Conscious, confined

Tormented, deranged,
The world from upside down
Walking on a silver sky,
Looped in luscious echoes,
Reflecting memories of her silhouettes

An angelic beauty of youthfulness
The streaming river of honey
Down her fountain of ecstasy
From where I drunk cups of pleasure
Tethering my soul to her trickery

I now burn from within,
A fire dragon of intoxication
Boiling cells in my blood,
Racing through my now rusty heart, 
The rising temperatures of addiction

Love, and loyalty

If asked, what is love?
I would say,
“Once found,
Its that you dread to lose.”

To care so much,
Until your heart aches
That you feel, and know,
She holds it in her hands

Beating steadily,
Her fingers wrapping around it
Slowly, and tightly,
That she wields the power,
To control your soul

Like a marionette,
You dance on strings,
Like a knight,
You fight on a front line

Serving without question,
Living as a caged soul,
Like a parrot,
Mimicking words of his mistress

And yet, beyond that dark cloud,
Beauty shines like a sun,
Because in your hands,
Rests another beating heart

Fragile, and warm
Yours to use, as you please,
Kingship, and loyalty,
A Queen, reigning against the world

And that,
I dread to lose,
Because, our hearts beat as one
In each other’s hands


A friend, a brother

Looking beyond my ragged cloth
To the inner man within

Reaching for my hand,
Clotted red and sore

Calling it purity,
Despite the dreadful reality

Who are you that looks beyond?
A dirty shell wrapping a lost soul

Walking into my filthiness,
And yet, hugs warmly like a father

You read and understand,
The language of my tears

Speaking friendly unto my soul
Sparking a new flame in me

That I see light in my blindness
A future beyond stars


She leans against a pine
Slightly above the head,
Her left hand raised,
Touching the tree bark

Her elbow points to my direction,
Her eyes beam with youth,
And her smile warming my cold heart

I feel it beep once again
From one to a thousand,
Rapidly to a zillion,
And I know then,

That I have fallen hard
For the pretty face before me
Partially covered by long dreads falling

Her lips appear so luscious,
A deep red like a ruby
Reflecting the last rays of the sun
Before hiding behind the  mountains

Darkness covers us so fast,
Like a dark cloud spreading a plague
And yet, my delight dies not

But burns bright like a flame,
Of a piece of wood in the jungle
Suddenly blown out by the malicious winds

Then, reality appears to me like a ghost.
In blue and white,
Like, comment, tag
Big letters, “Facebook”

To which I now see,
It was just a pic

The shrink and the poet

A shrink she is,
To my troubled self
Swirling thoughts,
blurry silhouettes,
Beautiful shadows,
Cast by a twilight

She smiles like it’s sunset,
Resting cordially in a sofa,
Cross legged, hands on the knees

Her neck straight,
That I see blood pumping in her vein
At pace slightly above normal

I swear I would kiss it softly
Like a vampire, letting her feel my warm breath,
Onto her moisten skin,
While I smell her youth,
Like strawberries, red and luscious

Crazy i am,
But truly I know
That I need her next to me,
And not across a glass table,
Reflecting a magnificent sculpture of beauty,

But our bodies kissing,
Sharing sweat and warmth
Her voice melodic, echoing
And Her smell filling my lungs to the soul
Elating into bliss
And moaning in ecstasy

And yet, she fights the urge,
To claw across the table
Biting her lip salaciously
Listening to the words of a deranged poet
Luring his prey for a kill

A future strangled

They were not blind
They just lacked eyes
Never knew a single ray of light
Worked a full clock, until they dropped breathless

And they were not deaf
They just lacked ears
Never heard a single wave of sound
Listened to their own thoughts scream

Yet, each had a mouth
An unquenchable hunger
Driving their minds,
To whatever it is that they could eat

And while at that,
Some mumbled,
Others screamed
To themselves and others

It was a disturbing imagery,
And many indistinctive voices
That my head spined endlessly
Swimming through countless thoughts

May be,
humanity was lost,
To the long structures touching the sky,
Beautiful vessels floating on water,
Amazing crafts flying in the air
And the astonishing world of tech

May be,
while trying to be better,
We fell deep down an abyss
That now we need implements of war
To guard our own interests,
From a brother next door

Skies spread wide with dark smoke
Land eroded to the bottom seas
lakes filled with oil spills
And bodies lay within ruins,
Soaking the ground in child blood

yet, we look into each other’s eyes,
A firm handshake, beautiful smile,
Talking about the future,
The one we’ve strangled with our hands
And leaving our filthy prints on everything

Should say, we can clean our mess,
But yet, time itself offers not enough to correct our ways

But pass down the responsibility,
To a boy in blue boots,
And a girl in pink shoes,
To clean the remains of a generational mess

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