A shade of grey

Always loved the color grey
A composition of black and white
Clearly illustrating humanity
A blur of evil and good
Residing in every soul under the sun

She mourns for her unborn twins
Several scan photos she keeps
Her heart broken by this world’s injustice
Two young souls that didn’t come to know,
The warm touch of sunlight on one’s skin
But rather leaped from darkness into another

She is a mad queen and always was
Loves cake to her heart
And cares not about how many lack bread
As long her family smiles
Tell me, is she wrong for not looking beyond her shoulders?

After all, this world, a playing field
While some choose to play with forks and spoons,
Others prefer bullets and guns
Call it unfair if you like
She calls it reality
And she will work to her last breath
Until she scores of life,
All the happiness that there is

So tell me, is she black or white?
If black, is she not supposed to moan?
And if white, is she supposed to just hand in everything?
May be she is grey
After all, she does sometimes care about others
A charitable organisation for orphans and widows
Clothes and food she gives

may be we are all black and white
One big shade of grey like the moon,
Shining but not bright enough


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