All of life

Wisdom a lost treasure of the past
Smartness the new trickery of the present
Leaving the future so blind and unknown

Men meet and plan
Devising ways to end each other
Competition running in their veins
To have all and share none

I prayed to the Father above
That He grants me wisdom
To seek a path truly righteous
And follow not the viscous shortcuts

I longed for fulfillment
In this one life that I have
That before I lay underground
It should have been a worthwhile

And yet the candle burns dim
In these cold and dark nights
I tremble and feel weary
My mind empty of understanding

My soul screams lost
If only I had prayed last night
Renewing myself with a new candle,
That my heart would joyfully beep

But yesterday turned to a new page already
Hoping to make the best of today
And waiting for my Father to guide my feet…


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