Dear mom and dad

It is a crazed world
Where sanity and insanity war
Man tethered by responsibility
Grazing between choices

Choosing a pathway to lifelessness
The black hole of all human life
The one side that we do not know
Pulling each one of us randomly

When man chooses sanity,
He lives to a scale
Set by the society, family and himself
Balancing happiness between all

Hmm! What are a wondering way to live?

Sometimes I do think its easier to be insane
At least then I don’t have to play by the rules
My dad a preacher, and mom a judge

Both speaking of hell,
One allegedly ruled by demons,
And another built of stone and bars
Designed for people like me

The sons of anarchy?
She replies, ” yes indeed!”

And why do I believe her?
Is it a paranormal feature that all mothers have?
Or they just tap into their children’s naivety?
Using sincere eyes that say, all is well

Hmm! A powerful weapon they wield

But anyway, this time,
some part of me still hinges
On the thought that insanity is better
Cause one doesn’t have to be tethered by anything

am I demented?
Tell me, really, am I?

I understand that responsibility defines life
It is the soul of sanity
And yet most of those who choose it seem unhappy

Unlike our brothers who choose the later
Living care free and drowning in physical laughter
And yet, them too are not truly happy

Tell me dad, what is life?
Is it the choice of how we make us happy?

And if yes, what is happiness?
Is it that gained by sanity or insanity? Or may be both?
Huh? Tell me

Yours truly,
The 10 year old son

Note: I will be playing with Cathy next door
Thought you should know in case you need me
I love her hair and she smells good 
I understand you don’t want me to play with her
But I just won’t stop
Reason, because I like breaking rules
Love you mom. Love you dad

Fear, surrender and sanctification

Fear is what we know not
A future expected to rain hails
When no roof covers your head
And blankets not warm enough
To protect you from the strong winds

You fall to know your knees and plea
To a higher force that bends ether
Moving the wheel of time with sun
Separating darkness from light
Hoping it crafts you out of your wooden self

You set your heart right,
Feet and hands clean
And wait for the eclipse
Lunar or solar, moving stars
Changing seasons, a new start

And so, to live a worthwhile,
I acknowledge my fears,
Plea to a higher force of unlimited energy,
And set myself right for the rapture
The unknown occurrence of opportunity
All I need is one strike
Just one

That thing called love

Yesterday I believed not in love
And today I float freely in its realm

It is a world of hearts,
Beating at a matching tempo

Where bodies kiss,
Absorbing warmth and sweat

Hands move and explore
Making light touches so thrilling

Running from the toe,
To the last hair on your head

Becoming lost from the physical world
To that of elated bliss

And so, you say unto me,
That I am demented

But, how can I explain to you?
That which you have felt not

You may understand,
But never come to know what it’s like

To wish time would rewind one second back
So you could hear her voice call out your name

To wish the sun would not fall for at least one evening
That you may watch her smile, amidst a beautiful twilight

She says goodnight,
And it feels like forever

Usually just a few hours to dawn
And I hear the other end of line die

So I wait on the clock until it’s morning
Turning in this bed till every part of it feels uneasy

What’s the point in feeling,
And yet can’t express yourself?
Like a huge bubble of emotion,
Expanded to it’s limit, but bursts not

Sometimes I feel angry for my poor heart
Overriding my mind and taking control of me

And yet when it does,
Its drives me to places of wonder

So tell me please,
Is this the thing called love?

Her name, Isabella

I lay on the ground,
Watching the blue sky,
As clouds swim gently,
Varying shapes spontaneously

I listen to the hissing wind
Brushing lightly on my face,
Eyebrows and curly hair
Whispering her name in echoes

It resonates clearly in my mind
Creating vivid images of her
Projecting them onto the open sky

They run one after the other
Creating a motion picture of sort
Seeing how gracefully she smiles,
I get lost in every inch of it

Her lips appear tender and shiny
A perfect alignment of snow white teeth
Just like the clouds above

Her gaze, so enchanting,
And like a flying arrow,
Straight into my glass heart,
Cracking and shattering
Aching with desire

Her dark hair, long and plaited
Twisted strands falling to her back
Appearing satin in the mid sunlight

She bows her head slowly
And raises it cordially
Like an ancient goddess of a kind
Symbolizing beauty and fertility

Her body, young and strong
Perfect curve lines running,
Stretching out her white linen dress,
Appearing like a second skin

And her natural skin?
smooth and immaculate,
A chocolate complexion,
Fusing with that of her dress
And not in an actual blend,
But an astonishing graphic work of art

And like sound from many bells,
Melodic and rhythmic
Pure and steady
She sings warmly
Healing hearts of they that hear

And her name,

A shade of grey

Always loved the color grey
A composition of black and white
Clearly illustrating humanity
A blur of evil and good
Residing in every soul under the sun

She mourns for her unborn twins
Several scan photos she keeps
Her heart broken by this world’s injustice
Two young souls that didn’t come to know,
The warm touch of sunlight on one’s skin
But rather leaped from darkness into another

She is a mad queen and always was
Loves cake to her heart
And cares not about how many lack bread
As long her family smiles
Tell me, is she wrong for not looking beyond her shoulders?

After all, this world, a playing field
While some choose to play with forks and spoons,
Others prefer bullets and guns
Call it unfair if you like
She calls it reality
And she will work to her last breath
Until she scores of life,
All the happiness that there is

So tell me, is she black or white?
If black, is she not supposed to moan?
And if white, is she supposed to just hand in everything?
May be she is grey
After all, she does sometimes care about others
A charitable organisation for orphans and widows
Clothes and food she gives

may be we are all black and white
One big shade of grey like the moon,
Shining but not bright enough

All of life

Wisdom a lost treasure of the past
Smartness the new trickery of the present
Leaving the future so blind and unknown

Men meet and plan
Devising ways to end each other
Competition running in their veins
To have all and share none

I prayed to the Father above
That He grants me wisdom
To seek a path truly righteous
And follow not the viscous shortcuts

I longed for fulfillment
In this one life that I have
That before I lay underground
It should have been a worthwhile

And yet the candle burns dim
In these cold and dark nights
I tremble and feel weary
My mind empty of understanding

My soul screams lost
If only I had prayed last night
Renewing myself with a new candle,
That my heart would joyfully beep

But yesterday turned to a new page already
Hoping to make the best of today
And waiting for my Father to guide my feet…

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