Playing marionette

Life slams hard
One day you wakeup,
To see that all doors have been shut

Dread wears your face
Your mouth moans mumbles
As your eyes feast on darkness
In a little box now your life

It feels like a balloon blown full,
And then let loose before the knot is tired
Fast flying wildly, until your last sigh

You then feel the force of gravity
Curving in down, the sky above your head
Smashing it hard as you fall

You lay motionless but undead
Watching shadows move with the sun
Listening to crickets chirp under the moon

The mind swirls with thoughts
Feeling lost in your own self
Like walking fifty miles ahead of your spirit

Realizing a lack of harmony within,
Your body, soul and spirit
Striped red, black and white

Confused decisions then await,
Your troubled self to make
In the most unfortunate state there is

And so you play marionette
Hoping to please your puppeteer
Probably catch a big audience

Playing a brand new song,
With fresh strings and paint
The He slams not ever
The huge doors of your box



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