Her majesty

Watch for her fangs,

She digs deep into your throat

Tearing quick through flesh

Like two needles into wool

Easily and noiselessly


Your skin fires to a new sensation,

You then hear angels sing,

Loved ones humming,

A soothing melody like in a cave

Echoes dying out farther


And so you let your eyelids down

To see with the mind,

Cheerful faces and white gowns

Standing around a milky fountain,

Overflowing onto the snowy floor


Streaming slowly into a little pool

Lying in it, the white queen

Visible, the smooth skin on her thighs,

Appearing briefly as she turns,

You swallow hard and loud


Her long white hair falls on the shoulders,

And just enough to cover the twin deer

But not what your mind can see

The perfect curve lines running around them

Appearing soft like cotton candy


She raises her hand, grabbing yours

Pulling you slowly into the milky pool

Letting you sit between her legs

As your back rests in her chest,

Your skin rubbing smoothly against hers,

Wrapping her arms around you


Your head rests on one shoulder

Her mouth close to your ear,

A gentle whisper, hissing lightly,

Steadily calming your heart beat


You feel the warmth of her breath,

Like steam from a cup of hot coffee

Moisturizing the skin on your neck

A point when it all freezes


The humming stops,

Fountain freezes along with the stream

And suddenly, a prickle like,

Sharp and intense,

But only for a second


Then time runs again,

A single drop of red,

Splashing into the snowy pool,

Slowly, it appears to dissolve

But fades not


And suddenly, a rumbling

Sweeping through like a wave

A moment when all changes


Many black cloaks surrounding

Red spreads quickly from the tiny drop

Filling up the pool, into the little stream,

Then the floor, and lastly the fountain


Her long hair now looks deep red

The air smells dead, metallic

Her breath and flesh, cold

She howls, flashing her fangs

And the shadows cheer


The vampire queen!!!









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