living in the joyous days

Doesn’t everything look stunning?

Shoulders out, black dress

Displaying your youthful body

Firm breasts, wonderfully crafted,

An amazing figure line, curvy

White pearls around your neck

A warm smile stealing men’s hearts


And yes, it’s all about you

Since the night is so young,

You can run a little wild

While your bones are still strong,

And your hair so dark,

Blowing with the cool wind on your back

And who there is to judge?


What do they know about you?

Except the captivating beauty in their eyes

Like a goddess dressed in gold, glowing

Ancient and yet stunning as ever

All longing to trophy a young and free spirit

Like it is a contest of the quickest

How improper and shaming?!

Their minds empty of reality,

Unaware of the shadow under your feet

Holding within the tears of the past

Carefully hidden in the dark

The long days of bruises, abused,

And cold nights of scorn,

And here they are, scaling your actions


What do they know? Why even try?

But I don’t scale you my dear,

Cause I heard what our shadows told each other

Running images through our minds

Of the days far behind

When all was out of reach

Stretching but unable to touch

Except the thick glass we peered through

As our eyes held wonder

Of the beautiful world beyond






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