A stranger within (addicted)

Long chains cutting deep,

In both my wrists and ankles

I watch my flesh decay,

Falling off, feeding my only friend,

The little mouse in my dungeon

Reminding me of freedom, each day,

And how it all depends on my choice


Now, cloth me up so nice,

White suit, black tie and rose

Let me speak, but not walk on the path of truth,

Best smile, firm handshake and a warm hug

Avoid all mirrors, can’t let anybody see,

That which lurks behind my reflection,

Moves in the shadow besides me


A stranger within, a second voice

Two souls fleshed as one, possessed

The unending war deep within

Black verses white, a smudge

Grayish, sometimes darker

And tonight I shine bright,

Casting a shadow so dark


One more time I come,

The monster you created,

Deep down in your dark heaven

For your coronation, dark spirit,

But wait for your black rose

An ending reign to your kingship,

As I break down your stone wall

And raining red on its ruins



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