To sleep or die?

A star once shone bright

Right above my head

Illuminating a light in my heart

Beautifying the vast darkness


Though alone, it felt whole

Made strong beeps each time

Sending blood steadily through my body

My soul flourished, radiating aliveness


I knew what to do, when and how

I read my future from a book in my hands

While under my feet was a map, elaborated

Tracing his steps even in the deep darkness


Dawn arrived as expected

Beautiful light fell into my eyes,

Felt the darkness finally fade from my heart

And yes, it was a seventh heaven


I smiled, looked at the sky

My star was gone, but not scared

For the sun shone bright,

Did I need him anymore?


How naive and so foolish?!

Casting aside the book, feet off the map

Adventuring new places, led by whims,

Relying slowly on the bright day


A dawning twilight unseen,

So dark and cold, silent

Except my weary thoughts

And fast, loud heart beats


My soul weeps for my body

Worked so hard in the day

Unable to rest in the night

Trying to survive the suffocating darkness


Blanketing myself with regret,

A severe headache, fading energy

Shutting slowly, my eyes and mind

To sleep or die?



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