Young and innocent (childhood paradise)

The delighting whistle by a wood-pewee
Announcing a brand new day ahead
As the sun shot rays through your window,
Falling on your chubby cheeks as you slept

A wonderful world you thought
Remembering the dark yet beautiful night
A shooting star and the hollow moon
As the crickets played their symphony

Stronger, your bones grew
Your skin glowing beautifully
Half an inch taller than yesterday
Admiring your body change everyday

Dreams grew bigger each night
A doctor, a president, a star
You desired to be everything
And why wouldn’t you be?

A young heart with wild dreams
A little soul yet highly spirited
Welcoming everyday with excitement
Adventuring in love, appreciating nature

So young and innocent, naive
Hatching slowly out of your shell
Facing the bitter cold, and hot world
Freezing and melting your dreams as they appeared

Now you sit silent on the beach
Watching the sun fall into the sea
Leaving you alone to the cold night
To fall asleep and dream once again
Of your childhood paradise



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