Lost in thought (my honeymoon)

I’ve always enjoyed being outdoors

The touch of the sun on my face,

Welcoming it with a smile, head high

And as my long dark hair floats freely

With the brief kiss of the wind

Appearing satin under the morning light

Making me ablaze with excitement,

Doing light kicks in the air


Spirited, I would raise my arms

And imagine am flying

Making spiral turns to the ground

On a glide in the mountains

Watching the make of massive rocks

Appearing emerald, like huge gems

Bronze-like, in parts that lack flora

A beautiful mosaic of natural art


With a light blow, I would land

Next to our wooden cottage

Variant in color like beeswax

In the center of a thick forest

Just two turtles in a pond

You and I, alone together

Embracing under one umbrella

With a sway off my feet


We would stand grabbing tightly each other’s hands

Rose petals in your pocket, magenta

Looking good on your wedding suit, white

I would cry, making little moans in your chest

In complete bliss on our honeymoon

Two souls dangling in love,

Hinged on the same tree, marriage

Promising heaven and earth






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