Playing hearts for blood (The blood queen)

Standing, leaning on her back

Against a wooden doorframe,

A compounding complexion

White dress, linen

Long red hair, glowing

Smiling cordially, so inviting

Salacious stare, sideways

Dazzlingly beautiful, an angel may be


Head a little high, tilted slightly

Grinning, just enough

Standing straight, feet apart

Hands in the pockets

An intense stare, but soft

Two beings, a world alone

Engulfed in bright light

Falling hard, his innocent heart


Delighted, he is teased to play

A gambler burning to win

Boiling, his blood under the skin

Playing hearts for hearts,

A princess for a knight

Bidding his heart for hers

The loser’s game of death

Playing hearts for blood


Drip! Drip! A pool

A metallic scent, iron like

A hazy vision, a peaking nightmare

A long loud yell, a dying soul

Happy once, but only for a day

A burning candle losing its flame

Soaked in his own blood

Hanging loose, a scooped heart


An angel with a red shadow

A white dress with a red lining

Hearty smiles, so malicious

Warm embraces, so intoxicating

The blood queen of illusions

Drowning souls in her pools of desire

Scooping hearts at their peaks of pleasure

Playing hearts for blood


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