Haiku #2

His sad eyes wondered,
Landing on a small white cloud,
Swimming, a blue sky



Playing marionette

Life slams hard
One day you wakeup,
To see that all doors have been shut

Dread wears your face
Your mouth moans mumbles
As your eyes feast on darkness
In a little box now your life

It feels like a balloon blown full,
And then let loose before the knot is tired
Fast flying wildly, until your last sigh

You then feel the force of gravity
Curving in down, the sky above your head
Smashing it hard as you fall

You lay motionless but undead
Watching shadows move with the sun
Listening to crickets chirp under the moon

The mind swirls with thoughts
Feeling lost in your own self
Like walking fifty miles ahead of your spirit

Realizing a lack of harmony within,
Your body, soul and spirit
Striped red, black and white

Confused decisions then await,
Your troubled self to make
In the most unfortunate state there is

And so you play marionette
Hoping to please your puppeteer
Probably catch a big audience

Playing a brand new song,
With fresh strings and paint
The He slams not ever
The huge doors of your box


Clench a fist

Clench a fist,

Take a blow to a stone wall


Crush your knuckles,

Hear them snap with a rattling


Cry to the sky,

Scream out all your pain


Now, look at your flesh torn,

Discharging red, atoning for your sins


Your rage burning like a flame,

Dancing randomly to the whisper of the wind


Certain winds blow it high,

And others simply play with it


Yet, eventually, the flame dies

Leaving your heart scorched black


Letting rise of a dark smoke,

Clouding the sun above your path


You then dwell in a lost world,

Folly acts guided by the hazy visions


Stumbling about everywhere

Breaking glass with every move


And only to walk through them afterwards

Bleeding your feet until you can’t move


Stubbornly, you bend on your knees

And once again, try to crawl your way out


The sharp pain flashes quick,

From your palms to the mind,


Like bad news across a sea,

Bringing with it, the cold wind of the dead


You howl loud, clenching your fists,

Blood dripping onto your ragged clothes


And then, shutting your eyes slowly,

You finally let tears run down your face


Falling onto your sooty heart,

And eroding it clean with every drop

Her majesty

Watch for her fangs,

She digs deep into your throat

Tearing quick through flesh

Like two needles into wool

Easily and noiselessly


Your skin fires to a new sensation,

You then hear angels sing,

Loved ones humming,

A soothing melody like in a cave

Echoes dying out farther


And so you let your eyelids down

To see with the mind,

Cheerful faces and white gowns

Standing around a milky fountain,

Overflowing onto the snowy floor


Streaming slowly into a little pool

Lying in it, the white queen

Visible, the smooth skin on her thighs,

Appearing briefly as she turns,

You swallow hard and loud


Her long white hair falls on the shoulders,

And just enough to cover the twin deer

But not what your mind can see

The perfect curve lines running around them

Appearing soft like cotton candy


She raises her hand, grabbing yours

Pulling you slowly into the milky pool

Letting you sit between her legs

As your back rests in her chest,

Your skin rubbing smoothly against hers,

Wrapping her arms around you


Your head rests on one shoulder

Her mouth close to your ear,

A gentle whisper, hissing lightly,

Steadily calming your heart beat


You feel the warmth of her breath,

Like steam from a cup of hot coffee

Moisturizing the skin on your neck

A point when it all freezes


The humming stops,

Fountain freezes along with the stream

And suddenly, a prickle like,

Sharp and intense,

But only for a second


Then time runs again,

A single drop of red,

Splashing into the snowy pool,

Slowly, it appears to dissolve

But fades not


And suddenly, a rumbling

Sweeping through like a wave

A moment when all changes


Many black cloaks surrounding

Red spreads quickly from the tiny drop

Filling up the pool, into the little stream,

Then the floor, and lastly the fountain


Her long hair now looks deep red

The air smells dead, metallic

Her breath and flesh, cold

She howls, flashing her fangs

And the shadows cheer


The vampire queen!!!








living in the joyous days

Doesn’t everything look stunning?

Shoulders out, black dress

Displaying your youthful body

Firm breasts, wonderfully crafted,

An amazing figure line, curvy

White pearls around your neck

A warm smile stealing men’s hearts


And yes, it’s all about you

Since the night is so young,

You can run a little wild

While your bones are still strong,

And your hair so dark,

Blowing with the cool wind on your back

And who there is to judge?


What do they know about you?

Except the captivating beauty in their eyes

Like a goddess dressed in gold, glowing

Ancient and yet stunning as ever

All longing to trophy a young and free spirit

Like it is a contest of the quickest

How improper and shaming?!

Their minds empty of reality,

Unaware of the shadow under your feet

Holding within the tears of the past

Carefully hidden in the dark

The long days of bruises, abused,

And cold nights of scorn,

And here they are, scaling your actions


What do they know? Why even try?

But I don’t scale you my dear,

Cause I heard what our shadows told each other

Running images through our minds

Of the days far behind

When all was out of reach

Stretching but unable to touch

Except the thick glass we peered through

As our eyes held wonder

Of the beautiful world beyond





A stranger within (addicted)

Long chains cutting deep,

In both my wrists and ankles

I watch my flesh decay,

Falling off, feeding my only friend,

The little mouse in my dungeon

Reminding me of freedom, each day,

And how it all depends on my choice


Now, cloth me up so nice,

White suit, black tie and rose

Let me speak, but not walk on the path of truth,

Best smile, firm handshake and a warm hug

Avoid all mirrors, can’t let anybody see,

That which lurks behind my reflection,

Moves in the shadow besides me


A stranger within, a second voice

Two souls fleshed as one, possessed

The unending war deep within

Black verses white, a smudge

Grayish, sometimes darker

And tonight I shine bright,

Casting a shadow so dark


One more time I come,

The monster you created,

Deep down in your dark heaven

For your coronation, dark spirit,

But wait for your black rose

An ending reign to your kingship,

As I break down your stone wall

And raining red on its ruins


In a dark pit

Dripping and splashing

A pool of water,

Little groans, echoing

Rubbing and stretching

Chains clinking,

On the floor, a dark pit


Either day or night

How many? When was it?

What is now? How old?

Hit enter, syntax error

Alright, why are you here?

Can’t tell, don’t remember


Pause, play, finally,

Can’t think, my mind, silent

Thought I was on the ledge,

About to fall into craziness

Now, I can shut my eyes

From darkness to blindness,


To imagine forgiveness, a light

Piercing through cracks in the stone wall

Falling straight to my darkened heart

Breaking chains off my hands and feet

Setting free, my soul,

To rise up, like a dove,

Into the blue sky

To sleep or die?

A star once shone bright

Right above my head

Illuminating a light in my heart

Beautifying the vast darkness


Though alone, it felt whole

Made strong beeps each time

Sending blood steadily through my body

My soul flourished, radiating aliveness


I knew what to do, when and how

I read my future from a book in my hands

While under my feet was a map, elaborated

Tracing his steps even in the deep darkness


Dawn arrived as expected

Beautiful light fell into my eyes,

Felt the darkness finally fade from my heart

And yes, it was a seventh heaven


I smiled, looked at the sky

My star was gone, but not scared

For the sun shone bright,

Did I need him anymore?


How naive and so foolish?!

Casting aside the book, feet off the map

Adventuring new places, led by whims,

Relying slowly on the bright day


A dawning twilight unseen,

So dark and cold, silent

Except my weary thoughts

And fast, loud heart beats


My soul weeps for my body

Worked so hard in the day

Unable to rest in the night

Trying to survive the suffocating darkness


Blanketing myself with regret,

A severe headache, fading energy

Shutting slowly, my eyes and mind

To sleep or die?


The desert walk

Head low, shoulders down

Dragging feet in the hot sand

A whooshing sound, distant


Coughs and stumbles,

Not losing his feet,

Panting and sweating


Stands, arms on the hips

A shadow, circling around

Looks up to the sky, an eagle


Burning light pain,

In his eyes, itchy,

Sweat and excessive brightness


Looks down, a lone desert lily,

A black widow spider, webbing

And what will it trap?


Stares straight, oh! A dragon fly

Isn’t it beautiful?

Swirling about in the air


A whooshing sound, again

Rumbling, louder and closing in

Turns back, a sandstorm


Suddenly, feeling strong,

Eyes quick through the vast openness

A distant tree, finally!


Water, wait, the storm

Starting out with fast strides

If only he could reach it,


One more step, one more

Don’t look back, never

Forward, the only way to go


At last, hugging onto the desert palm

He waits, nothing, why?

Looks back, the rescue jeep


He faints right there…


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