A life well lived

Staring through a small window

Inside a wooden shack

An old place we both loved

Reminiscing about the old days

When we were young and free

So full of spirit and energy

Just like my dog Sammy

The German shepherd you bought

As a gift on my sixtieth birthday

Seeing how much he makes me alive again

Now that you are not with me

It’s amazing how much you still care for me.


Remembering your face every morning

How it glowed with peace and beauty

On those comfy white sheets you loved

Making me desire to feel your lips against mine

One of the many little things I miss

Which I enjoyed so much and always will

May be not physically

But at least in my thoughts

As I live the rest of my days

With these loving memories we created

Bringing smiles to me everyday

Making me feel life is worth a while when lived.


The old wooden cuckoo clock

Still hanging in our living room

The same bird, same melody that I loved

Playing every morning at seven

Reminding me of you my darling

How we always flew around the world

Like two bald eagles for life

Hunting, eating and resting together

Building a large nest to share

For only us and our eaglets

All grown strong and brave

Living life happily as you hoped my dearest.


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