a new inspiration

Devoid of all light

A situation so wrong

That actions need to be right

To create a light so clear

That life would be renewed

Like a lotus flower in a muddy pool

That we may bloom with beauty

And refuse to accept defeat


Died but reborn new

Inspired by his own obituary

Nobel prizes they will receive

As generations will remember

To celebrate a life well lived

And honour those lost at the war

With steel and gunpowder

For every life is a light


Death the loss of life

Born in the wrong place

At the worst of times

Living with fear for your oppressors

Praying that it all ends

And when it finally does,

Memories of your family

The journal she kept


Drowning to the bottom

Feeling the pain in my lungs

As I slowly drop so deep

Thinking how long it would take

For me to hit my bottom

That I may rise someday

Reincarnated in life

As new inspiration for all


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