the man from the shadows

to think they couldn’t do it
waiting endlessly for nothing?
castles in the air
believing happiness could come so easily
how naive i was? !

now i understand
that even for the right reasons
we don’t always receive that easily
this world a good place?
at least that what i thought

living with hate
just because i trusted with all
giving in everything, and waiting for the harvest
and only to see
that it was all fraud

looking unto the sky
hoping it would pour down on me
to make me cold, to become numb
to the aching in my heart
and did the sky answer?

now forsaken by all
my family and friends
walking aimlessly on the streets
once a friendly environment
but now lost in it’s shadows

but coming out of the dark
perfected by the hustle
raising my head high
looking unto sky
shining bright on me
that all could see
the person i am today
the man from the shadows


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