And so he was just another ambitious boy. Big dreams, plans , so optimistic but yet naive. ” What was life?,” he asked.
This he longed to understand and know. He reached to the elders. Those he thought they definitely knew something. Only to realise how blind they walked too through life. They lived shallowly by keeping closed minds. Believing in moments by thinking selfishly about how many more of these they could have before they die. Trying to steal every second of happiness they can even at the cost of humanity. After all, what really matters when we die?
The best of life is what we have between childhood and adulthood. When young, we are open minded but lack judgment to act wisely, and when old, closed minded but with good judgment which we trust entirely to choose wisely. And of course we are wrong.
They say history repeats its self but that’s history. We don’t live in history. We live in the present. If all decisions were best guided by the past, we wouldn’t be making mistakes now. Mistakes are things we do as we progress not as we do the same thing over and over again.
While young, we error a lot unlike when old. And the reason is because we stop trying new things. We stop adventuring but live our lives with so many prejudices till we die.
In between young and old, we live. Open minded but with the some good judgment and energy. But don’t we grow wearily after sometime? Yes we do. And what are you going to do about it, boy? He answered, “am gonna be a success.”


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