A God or gods

Many tales of the ancient

The great rulers of space

Molding life out of one

To create the vast beauty that we love

And the many nightmares we dread

To imagine it’s all the same

The one thing in us all

Both good and bad

Human or not

Just one



Many years counted

The great forgers of time

A moving wheel of seasons

Falling into the white snow

And springing into the warm sunrise

To imagine the astonishing turn of events

One thing after another

Both good and bad

Human or not

Only one



Many creations there are

The great artists of life

Casting shapes out of dust

Dressing flesh onto bones

And breathing life into the them

To imagine sculptural work that marvelous

One piece after another

Both good and bad

Human or not

Just one



Rulers of space,

Forgers of time,

And creators of life

By many names we call them

And many faiths do we believe

The wondering mysteries of man

One being after another

Both good and bad

A God or gods

Only one


Blessed and yet cursed! (Heads or Tails)

An elderly man with a medium height

Wearing a short stubble with a little grey

Rubbing it every minute or two

A clear sign of deep thought

A classic conduct of the old

Listening carefully to a young soul

Shuttering glasses as he speaks

Pieces flying in the air

Bleeding hearts and skin

A weary face for a weeping spirit

Deep in anguish for the plunge in moral

In this era of the smart and young

Blind to their mistakes and hate correction

Leaving him in worry, what future there was?


He stood arms crossed

Just a few feet from where I was

Facing the highway to see the passing cars

Clearly unhappy about what he was hearing

Like it was a mundane tale of the wolf of the Wall Street

A lone nobody playing his way up onto the boards

In tune with the wheel of luck

That every step is a fairy cloud

Raising him closer to the stars

Which regrettably he doesn’t touch

But falls so deep that he hurts

Breaking every bone in him

And lo, he lives

Leaving him in wonder, what was fortune?


He looked straight into my eyes

With a piercing gaze so deep

Like he was watching a motion picture

A classic act by Alfred Allen

In the Ghost city of 1923

Aghast by the amorphous creature

Breathing fire and smoke

And yet spitting blood as it spoke

The deadly phobias of his past

All wrapping in close around him

Realizing so little he had accomplished

Cause he was a one winged bird

Unable to fly to the stars

Leaving him in regret, what was life?


A few grey hair to show

For all the years lived

Cast into the shadows of the alleys

Waiting on the hands of the kind

To stretch out to where you lay

To remind you of what light felt like

Just before you fade away into oblivion

As you’re slowly devoured by your decisions

The unwise prejudice by all

To brand lousy on your face

Cause of some wrong steps

Many or few, it doesn’t matter

Ignoring the play of heads and tails

With the forever changing events of future


Blessed and yet cursed!

To live long and yet poor

Wise and yet weak


Blessed and yet cursed!

To be young and yet so foolish

Rich and still so foolish


Blessed and yet cursed!

I Did Dream Big

I did dream big


I did see the car and the house

A white Pontiac Bonneville

A single-family detached home for us

A loving wife with two children

In a framed photo on my desk

Working passionately at my own local newspaper

A successful writer I would be

With a full page in every print

Sharing the joy and pain of my townsmen

In every stroke of a pen on a paper


I did dream big


I did see the school and the church

Bright Mondays and beautiful Sundays

The best plain slacks and tie collar dresses

Gracefully marching into a town hall

With happy faces and warm smiles

For a town meeting I would chair

An upstanding town clerk I would be

With great dedication I would work

Serving with honor and love to my townsmen

In every wise way of leadership


I did dream big


I did see the park and the doves

Star Magnolia and red maples

Amazing Carolina Turtle doves

Fathers playing with sons

Mothers singing to their daughters

Dean Martin’s everybody loves somebody

A wonderful parent I would be

With all strength I would fight

Striving endlessly with advice and respect of my townsmen

In everyday living with my family


I did dream big

And I did see all

I did see happiness

The Maple tree of wisdom

In vast valley of knowledge

Flows the river of understanding

That the truth shall be seen clearly

Through the eyes of the wise

Unveiling mysteries of the past

To explain marvels in the present

And foretelling events of the future


A lone maple tree of wisdom

Stands firm in the riverbank

Gracing brilliantly in the valley

Absorbing understanding with its roots

And producing sap in its trunk

So sweet on the tongue

That man may taste of it

And live truthfully with his lips

One To Three

One to three

Strength our greatest

And like the ancient Rome

Dwelling heavenly for years


One to three

Beauty your dearest

And like the colorful mosaic of fallen leaves

An appealing touch of fall in months


One to three

Ecstasy my favorite

And like a sweet tune of a mocking bird

Falling deep in wonder for seconds


One to three

Counting to the best

The magnificent moments of life

Portrayed in depth

Through the realm of time

One to three!







Paint Your Life

Believing life owes you a penny

An unfair world you say

To be born out of luck

Tailing all your life

Losing control of your path

And worst, calling it fate

Because it makes you feel good


Thinking it’s a world of limited resources

Don’t you know?

One is all and all is one

What is lost is never really lost

But returns to us in one or many ways

For where was death comes life

That one would make three


The world owes you nothing

You paint your life on its canvas

Choosing what story to tell

With every stroke of your brush

That when you die

Your art either hangs on the hall of fame

Or torn from its frames

That they would be used again

To paint another life

A fight not lost

Dreaming in black and white

Seeing these blurry images

Believing when all is lost

A blind faith they say


Becoming lost to the world

Merging into one with its shadows

And losing a sense of time

To be devoured into oblivion


The wicked world of illusions

Golden cups with poison

And the beautiful red roses

Drawing blood with every prickle


Bleeding deep from the heart

Weeping endlessly for my soul

Draining all the strength I have

Fighting to remain sane


A crazy world it is

And yet wonderfully made

To bless the one it breaks

After he has seen

That which lies hidden

Amidst the dark fog

A life well lived

Staring through a small window

Inside a wooden shack

An old place we both loved

Reminiscing about the old days

When we were young and free

So full of spirit and energy

Just like my dog Sammy

The German shepherd you bought

As a gift on my sixtieth birthday

Seeing how much he makes me alive again

Now that you are not with me

It’s amazing how much you still care for me.


Remembering your face every morning

How it glowed with peace and beauty

On those comfy white sheets you loved

Making me desire to feel your lips against mine

One of the many little things I miss

Which I enjoyed so much and always will

May be not physically

But at least in my thoughts

As I live the rest of my days

With these loving memories we created

Bringing smiles to me everyday

Making me feel life is worth a while when lived.


The old wooden cuckoo clock

Still hanging in our living room

The same bird, same melody that I loved

Playing every morning at seven

Reminding me of you my darling

How we always flew around the world

Like two bald eagles for life

Hunting, eating and resting together

Building a large nest to share

For only us and our eaglets

All grown strong and brave

Living life happily as you hoped my dearest.

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