What is a good meal? It is that eaten with a merry heart


just be happy

And to Him that all fate of all men is as He pleases. And what would a man do if not find happiness in his life? The aim would be to live every second as it comes. But life gives no such luxury. At one moment you are at the gates of heaven and other peering in to the gates of hell.
The beauty of the two remains the magnificent of living as a human. The awesomeness of thought. As much as it brings joy and sadness, I still think its greatest gift we ever recieve.
Wisdom and folly are brothers that make life interesting. The thought of why did I ever do that? And how did I do that? These bring meaning to life. We succeed at the folly of others. Wisdom on the hand grants us the means to live longer. And as pointless as this seems, I believe it would make sense some day…

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