Handicapped or orphaned

All losses are the same simply because they give the same impression.  The impression of pity.
Try to remember any handicap you’ve ever met. You can see him in his wheelchair. What crosses your mind? To be honest, we mostly say “it must be hard to be him ” within our minds. That am sure.
Funny is that we are wrong. Most handicap could be living way better and happier lives than any of us. Do you know why?  Its because they don’t pity themselves but rather accepted who they are and learnt how to adopt. They learnt the ability of controlling the mind. They don’t go about crying about there hardships, unlike most of us.
Anyway, Adopting to me is ignoring all the possibilities and realities of negativity around oneself and choosing to see the positive side of any adversity.  Now, tell me that ain’t happiness.  Convince me that a man who knows this isn’t having a better life than you are. Life is not about what we are or have physically but what we believe in.  Its about what your conscious tells you. A man on a death sentence is seen to be happy.  Should we say he is happy about what he has or what his mind tells him? Happiness is the mind and so is better living
Alright, so about orphans. What about them? Like i said,  all losses give a impression of pity from others. Am not saying that its not right. In fact its so human to think so and mostly right of course. But what if there is another way to look at loss?  A way to a better understanding to the many questions as to why people faced with great misfortune, emotional, financial among others tend to rise up usually above where they were before. When people hear that you are an orphan, they immediately think you need pity. Orphans lose their parents but not their lives. Just like any handicap, there learn to adopt. To make their lives worthwhile. This changes their mindset to that of success cause they know what life is about. You can never enjoy life to the fullest with a part in you that tells you that you need pity. You suffered so much. What are you doing wasting your only life?!  Life gives you what you seek, and so,  if you need pity,  be sure that more bad things will happen to you and you will definitely get your share.
Well success in most orphaned individuals is happiness which these people realised wasn’t in seeking pity but rather in living on and letting go of the past. Finding the beauty in this world, and for that this world blesses them . Bad things happen so do good things. When bad happen, remember to find good in them and the alternative is true also.
That said, what a lovely place this world is?!

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