Happy,never mind

Its quite unfortunate when u learn to get happiness from happy faces. The unfortunate being when they become sad you too become sad.
I convinced myself that in order to find happiness, I had to make others happy. Oh what a lovely thing to do?! But what, I was sad when they were and again happy. I came to believe in caring for others than myself alone. To be among the few from the masses. To refuse doing what others do cause everyone does the same. Atleast that’s what I believe in.
I came to think one is in this world to bring happiness to the other but not to oneself only has nurtured. It is a wrong way to look at life and will never be. The world is and was never about a single soul but many souls. Once one understands this, he may have a more understanding of life.
We mostly want to be the center of attention. But why?  Your world can only be as big as where you are sitting or standing or laying cause in truth, our bodies are the only true thing we own physically. So.around oneself the world is as big as he thinks but it never is. The world is always bigger than around oneself. Happiness always bigger than around oneself.
I came to believe happiness wasn’t about having or lacking.  I still can’t tell. May be people are happy because the are happy. You know, we breath because we breath. Live because we live. I thought of infants, no matter much or little given various chances, they were happy not because they knew little about life. Or because they were hoping for better tomorrow. But rather happy because they were living the moments of happiness.  I guess happy because they were happy. But what to a grown man? What is happiness? Is it in others or in oneself?


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