Yours truly, Honesty

You drew the line between us. The line intended to show our separate ways. I only allowed it be by respecting your decision.
You thought I was wrong and you’re right. I thought I was right or wrong. I sought your advice but you rebuffed. Its natural that we can never hug when pointed at with a sword. But rather defensive actions are applied.
We all know that its natural to feel dizzy after a stomach full and the reverse being unable to sleep when hungry. Now watch with me, you are hungry but able to sleep. I believe its this violation of nature that we swim in lacking.
I only wished to see you happy. That was my dream. I imagined you happy that I would be happy. But now watch clearly, I ain’t happy. U ain’t too. And all for what?
I watched your decisions and couldn’t tell if they were out of reason or emotion. Am more to being sure that it ain’t any of the two.
Am not happy about my past but wish and believe to be proud of my future not matter the cost. I hope u someday get to see this
Thanks truly, honesty


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