Slice of bread

And what does it matter if a brother stole a slice of bread but feels heavy in the heart like the other who kills his wife? I think it matters not. The weight of sin is the same. Whether its small or big in the human eyes, sin is a chain. I believe no one ever loves to be chained.
Freedom is what we want and sin takes that away from us. A slice of bread with a warm heart is better than a plateful with a cold one.  And sin no matter the size of the plate bears a cold heart. That’s if one is truly human.
Regret is a sword against sin used to cut down its filthy curtains. We know all that with remorse is true repentance. 
And when I write this hoping that someday a fellow may see the light.  Probably walk in it. The light of freedom. Freedom from sin through a deeper understanding of the true power of regret.  Regret the honest repentance.
But what does everyone say, “don’t feel regret, everyone does it” this is not about what everyone does, its about what I hate to do. Its what chains me. I wish to be free and I hope you understand cause I don’t want to be and am not everyone, I am ME


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