I thanked a bad man

At times you don’t have to be a thief to be one. I honestly didnt have control over whatever I was doing that day.
Many lessons learnt. Really hurting lessons. Imagine trying for the last six months to change into a better person you think you could be, but first person you meet points to your weaknesses.
A rush of anger and gratitude ran threw so first that I could not know what I felt. Angry one minute, and the other really glad. Well, atleast lessons of self improvement are not ones to be mastered easily. Persistence and determination are tools one should walk with every time along this path.
A slight relief to the new information but yet another step to being free and great. I wasnt hurt that I was to be call a thief. Atleast I was sure I didnt have any doing in that. But what? It happened! I was about to be or thought a thief. 
Before, I had really talked hard to a good man. A good man I liked to think he was though his actions proved otherwise. That was really what got me out of the ordinary me. Feeling bad for my own words. My mouth had betrayed me. Worse,  I knew that no matter who was right, in any argument, the quiet one most likely won. I was scared that I had lost an argument I had planned several hours before it happened. But what can one say? We are all humans.  Thats what we do.
Anyway what mattered? The “good man” still didn’t keep his word. No matter how many times a king would bend down to a slave, they would never be the same. They may look the same but never the same. I agree I wasn’t happy about my actions but not to see my bad.
They say survival brings out the ugly in us. May be we were just the other victims of circumstances. We were both survivors. 
But still, I don’t know if I survived being thief. Atleast you don’t need be the killer to be a convict. May be I was a thief that day. You see when honor is what a man seeks, actions like thiefty are really serious  dents on his armor. Anyway I don’t care about that. That was just two minutes of that day. The day I thanked the good but bad man.


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