Happy or sad? May be guilty

For real, I wasn’t sure what to do or not. I didn’t know what I did and why I did it.
All humans are the same. We live and all act tough everyday. But what is that? Its all a passing of time. 
I think if we only knew what really happens when one dies, may be it would all make sense.
So now, one has to live like how every human has. Act responsible for something when in reality we are not. All because deep within we are told we are responsible, that we have to do something. And that’s the guilty.
I learnt sometime that if I ever needed to truly be happy given any moment that I should never ask one question. Which question was, “and now, where is or what was the fun in doing this or that?” And it was true.
After a time of indirectly use of this question, I accidently lost happiness.  I knew I had to be happy but I wasn’t.  I knew I had more than what some people whether above,below or even my age would ever have but still wasn’t happy.  I could clearly see the good I had thus my lack of happiness wasn’t a cloud of negative thinking of the bad around me. It was just one of those days. I was not happy but not sad. I wanted answers. I really thought I had forgotten happiness. May be I had for a moment.
We mostly know what we have done before any finger is pointed at us. We are our very first accusers.  Thus guilty starts right inside us under most cases where it stays. In other cases as an external influence.
But then what is inside us? Is it the heart, mind, soul or spirit? Is it all of them? Are they all responsible for thought?  Well, thought was the most possible answer to what happiness, sadness or guilty were. They were all elements of the same material “thought” but different states in composition “emotions”. They are thoughts.  Thoughts from the mind? Soul? Spirit? Or heart? That you may answer as you please.
Thus happiness is a thought. Same for sadness and guilty.  There are just triggers to these emotions through thought. And hence “he who controls his thought,  controls his life through his actions. ”
I only wish to a live a happy and meaningful life. I believe when one seeks to understand guilty, he seeks to know his mistakes. To provide a justification for every action.  To live a happier life.


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