Good or bad

And I saw that neither purity of heart brings life to a better living nor does impurity to a worse living. But it all happens to all.
Being nice doesnt pays nor does being bad. Its all living. We don’t get paid to live.
Because your desires are for the good of all. It doesn’t grant their success. But rather desires occur with chance and time.  And that’s the great depression we live in.
I knew within and thought I was sincere and hoped that even God sees it. With that I was assured of my success. I was confident. I was self confident. But then King Solomon called self confident people fools.
Was I being self confident with sincerity as the pole I held on to for my achievements? It’s clearly foolish that I thought so. The world wasn’t and ain’t filled with sincere successful people.
So what is success and what brings it?  Its clear now that it can’t be good nor bad. And if it ain’t good and bad, then what is neither good nor bad? Cause that would definitely be the answer to success. 
He says its time and chance. King Solomon did.  Are they really truly the causes of success? Never to forget failure the nemesis. He could be right He was and is right.
Time is a creation of God like humans. Between day and night is a a simple rotation of the earth around the sun. And that creates times which in turn create the seasons and then generations.
And chance, I can’t tell yet. Could it be the occurance of different actions from different objects at a point in time?  I can’t clearly be sure.
And now chance and time bring success or failure? He could be right. He was and is right.
And then it can’t be time and chance, but rather the maker of all. It’s God. He grants success whether you are sincere or not.  He works as He pleases. Whether you believe it or not. That’s it.
You don’t breath because you helped yesterday or the other is dead because they killed today.
It doesn’t matter they happen.
Call it fate. Call it what you want.
It ain’t good or bad that we live.
But because we have to live. To live good or bad.
And you ask now, why do you have to help? Dont be foolish, when thirsty and offered a glass of water, would you be glad?  Of course you would. And that’s to live. Its much better to save a life than to cause a loss of one.


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