Found this… is it lovely?

Declare the sweet and awesome things about you…

I declare and decree that Am a bond -servant of Jehovah, whatever I declare is established in the name of Jesus
My speech is full of power because I have been given a spirit of power, Am a demonstrator of the spirit, kings shall  surely come to my rising
Am far above all principalities and  powers ,my weapons of warfare are not carnal but they are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds, casting down all imaginations that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.
Am a healing technician, an atomic boom, my explosions are supernatural. Am unpredictable, No devil or man can predict my moves…
I Am the resurrection, a wonder, the righteousness of God, I Am a life giving machine, Zowe is in me.
God works in me both to will and to do according to his good pleasure, in him I abound to every good work…
I have a treasure in me, in fact I Am the head and not the tail… Above only and not beneath. I can’t be defeated… in him I live, in him I move, in him I have my well-being…
I Am the light of the world, No darkness can ever comprehend me. A city on a hill that can not be hidden. I light up people’s worlds. I Am just as Christ is cause Love is made perfect in me everyday…
My words are the light to men cause the entrance of the word brings light and it gives understanding to the simple!
My father is doing exceedingly, abundantly, above all that I can ever think or imagine with the power that is working within me; Moreover that is why what No eye has seen! what No ear has heard! what has not entered the hearts of men is what must happen in my life in the name of Jesus.
Therefore I boast in the Lord for the sufficiency is of God who has made me an able minister of the new convenant.
Am full of peace and I give peace through Christ by the standard of the word of Jehovah God. Therefore the peace that surpasses all understanding is working in me…


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