A silent fool

Everyday becomes one word less.
Ha! Oh God! What could this really be? A life for the words too?
Words grow, age and die. And so, isn’t that a life?
The more I think I know, the less the words. Cause what I get to know is that they just won’t get it.
And so, does silence make one a fool? Cause now I understand what the mind is. Its the loudest thing I have ever know.
I mean, literally its a continuous debate for almost all life. One topic after another. Some are concluded. Some are not.
This is the life we got from thinking. Thinking which is nothing but words. Words which are things. Things which we see or may see. Or may not.
Ha! I like the mind. I like to speak buy love to listen.
Its how am living now. A silent fool I would seem. But God knows why.


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