The sin

And so I thought, I would let myself fall into this sin.So deep. I would may be find the answer.
I would see myself like in deep ocean with nothing around me…
I would see myself in a big space with nothing around me…
I knew at a certain I would feel may be totally nothing from this continuous torment to my own soul. For I know am no better than any other. Besides, sins I have done are known to me and God unlike you my brother.
I live everyday with my head just above the water. Afraid that I would drown. But surprisingly I never do. In a big flame which truly makes me thirsty but never burns me out.
I know not what I do and why I do it.
In all, am a jailer to my own happiness by my own actions.
Am starting to think that my mind is but another person. Its doesn’t regret anything but my soul cries.
I long for the days I thought I was pure. I would freely judge all. And it felt right. But now I know, the wiser one becomes, the sadder one may become. He was right. King Solomon was right. The only true happiness and sadness is wisdom.
But ironically I know I will keeping fighting even in the deep ocean,  deep space. For my energy is a stream of positive thoughts. And for sure, nothing is more that positive will. For it defeats energy itself…
And so what am I writing here… God knows.
Oh yeah! Its about a journey to the end of this sin. To may be fully understand it somehow.
“If I can’t fight u head on, so why not entertain this sin as to unveil its secrets?”


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