And now I know, you don’t know how bad an action looks like till you enjoy a company of fools who unknowingly help you “wiseman” to grieve endless for your stupid actions…
I don’t think am a perfectionist but I agree to some level of satisfaction from my deeds. Whether good or bad I would regret. Thus I say today, I did bad yesterday or may be will do the same tomorrow. But today, I will do good.
Then I think, so why should I be nice? I know not a just place for a just man under the heavens. So would I do bad? I wonder…
But truly, one can never get any satisfaction from what one thinks is wrong. And may or not get satisfaction from what one thinks is right. Thus I would conclude, the world is good and more bad. In all, man must try to find the good in it. That’s the fault in the stars. Or rather the games we play till we die. Endless games of chasing wind.
And then I learn today, even from a fool will come a big lesson that no man is better. We are teachers and examples to one another.
And so I do good, simply because I hold the end of all truly good deeds is happiness. But then in the end of all bad whether knowingly or not is regret…


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