A tip for success

So why give up after one mistake? For the only real mistake is one from which we learn nothing. That’s what Henry Ford said. Success is making a lot of small mistakes amidst big right decisions. But a big mistake makes no progress but destruction to the entire plan. So what is a mistake? A mistake is skiping a step while using the stairs. Whether u are going up or down, it doesn’t matter. You skipped a step unintentionally and u probably felt a scare for a fall or u actually fell. But u got up. Didn’t you? Thus from small mistakes we always get up. But if you fell and probably died, its logical to assume its was a big fall or “mistake” Thus a wise soldier knows if its the end of a battle or war…

The importance of little

Clearly the art of saving shows how wonderful little can do.
I like to think that its much more amazing how much little can do after a long period of time than what much can do after a short time.
U know clearly that “much” isn’t always available as compared to “little”. He is a one honest friend in most financial situations and among others.
Perhaps “much” will never be?  Or he just even doesn’t exist? Could it be little is always around in many replications that he becomes much?
After all, water in a tank is just a collection of many raindrops over time. Thus one doesn’t wait for the  much water to be at hand in one batch but rather collects patiently.
Like water in a tank, money is a collection of little savings overtime.
A wise man knows how to make rain by creating the clouds. Rich men don’t create money. they create things that make money. They just simply collect money overtime under different principles.
It is foolish to wait on an opportunity for much.

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